A Casanova

Nicci has been flirting with him for years. Strangers at first, now these final few steps up the side of a Cerro Negro it seems possible that the two might finally meet.

“But what about the poisonous gasses?” The men in Nicci’s life were all the same. Naysayers and complainers. Why was every adventure a risk assessment? 

“I’m willing to suck in a little poison for the chance to slide down an active volcano.”

“Absolutely not. You can’t do it. Just think, you could get hit by flying, molten lava.” And there it was. The ultimatum. Nicci booked her flight to Nicaragua and left the next day. Mortal men were just not thrilling enough.

Besides, she rather likes the idea of dying. To her, death is quite romantic. A Casanova. His promise of eternity. Now, that is something she’s never been offered in life.

d’Verse Poets Pub| Prosery – Bob Dylan

144 words or less of prose to include the line: “To her, death is quite romantic


    • Agreed. Although, it appeals to my adventure-junkie side. I thought it would be just the place to meet the long-time wooed death. Thanks for reading and the kind comment, Joni. 😉


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