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  • Double Rainbow Morning
    I’m doubly pleased today as I have two wonderful surprises to announce (plus a bonus third surprise at the end … More
  • Share the Covers
    Flashback Track #67 asks us to share our feelings on covers, and I’m not talking about the bedroom kind, although … More
  • On The 7th Day
    April has been full of surprises, but oh so exhausting. And now, dear readers, it is time for my muse … More
  • A Strong Specimen
    A little brevity to take us through Thursday. A petite pen request. 30 words or less to Ron Hick’s painting, … More
  • That’s How Strong
    Flashback Track #62 asks us to share a song we associate with someone. This one is for love. I met … More
  • Sunset Eyes
    He looks at me with sunset eyes,tree veins branched from lack of quiet,and the early death of daygoes unnoticed bythe … More
  • After Midnight
    An impulse write as I realized that I hadn’t responded to last week’s Flashback Track Friday #61 that asks what … More
  • Horror Short
    Want to hear something shocking? A breakdown of genres reveals striking gender gaps; men publish 83% of horror novels; in … More
  • Book Title~An Invitation
    I recently entered a brevity contest that was great fun. The question: If someone wrote a book about your life, … More
  • TWT #43 Radioactive Light
    Faint light leaks from the manhole grate, a golden coin that will be lost when the last radioactive rat dies. … More
  • A Big God
    Friday Flashback # 55 features Joan Osburne’s track ‘One of Us” and asks us to ponder what one question would … More
  • Sunshine Sunday
    Originally posted on Songshine Sounds:
    Whether or not there’s sunshine where you are in the world this Sunday, we hope you’ll…
  • Cannot Change
    I didn’t mean tolow road,gravel cloudsblurringsmoke clouds,swirlingto Free Bird.Skin sweating,wanting,vinyl,reclining seats.We were lostinsidea guitar riff,ending beforethingscould ever bethe same. © khartless 2021, … More
  • Elfie And Shelfie
    Flashback Track Friday #48 asks us to share a holiday tradition we hope will last. Well, every December, two mischievous … More
  • The Medicine Man
    As a child, I wanted nothing more than to become an Environmental Scientist and save the planet. For that reason, … More
  • Fibbing Friday
    1. According to a song from a Disney animated movie, who put the “glad” in “gladiator”? Oh, that’s Pollyanna. I … More
  • Late-Night Haiku
    Refuse to regret, survival is true success. We are the champions. Michele from The M Files,  guest-hosted Flashback Track Friday #45 … More
  • Happy holidays from Washington D.C.
    Painted finger fireworks Chocolate cogs for our dessert Electrical grid waterways The Holiday Boat Parade
  • December Kindness Calendar
    I’ve been enjoying this calendar for the past few years and thought I’d share it here in the hopes of … More
  • New Music Monday
    Originally posted on Songshine Sounds:
    Does your spirit crave the new? I know mine does. So every Monday, I will feature…