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Grocery Store Diary #2

I realized that strange things happen in grocery stores and that these silly stories might well bring joy to others,…

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Flashback Friday #68 asks us to share a song from our childhood. This record was my mother’s but I still…

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Modern-Day Sirens

Dear Readers, I’m excited to share that the second article in my series, Modern-Day Sirens, was published in the speculative fiction…

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My Old Manchego

Eight years together and the only true rumor I can spread about the man is that he has a Manchego…

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Taking Out My Own Trash

We purchased recycled paper this year, no bows or frills–nope, I said, not in this family. I wanted a celebration…

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Elfie And Shelfie

Flashback Track Friday #48 asks us to share a holiday tradition we hope will last. Well, every December, two mischievous…

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The Medicine Man

As a child, I wanted nothing more than to become an Environmental Scientist and save the planet. For that reason,…

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