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Green, Green Grass

Songshine’s WWYT #6 asks us to share a song that we heard from our grandparents. I learned many, many songs […]

2nd First Day

The synchronized push-back of chairs reminds me of nails on a chalkboard. The decision’s been made, the paperwork signed, so […]

School Days

This week’s WWYT #5 asks everyone to share a song that they associate with their school days. For me, it […]

The Mother of Cities

The morning after Christmas, we walked frozen cobblestones across the square; there were abandoned igloos around an empty ice-skating rink, […]

Her Hatsu Hana

Their first time, arm and arm that day; my parents met me in Vienna, and we took the orange line […]

Flashback Track #9

Life’s luckiest combinations often happen purely by chance. Today’s flashback track is an example of a peculiar combination of luck. […]

Disco, Disco Duck

My mother’s record collection was the greatest find of my childhood. Listening to her music was a way of getting […]

Fascination—-Journal #2

I’m three weeks in to a six-month novel writing course with Urban Retreat. So far, I’m super happy with the […]

Survival of the Silliest

Because we’ve neglected to get better, isn’t our generation far worse than its predecessors? It’s surely not survival of the […]

Fascination—Journal #1

I’m all in, friends! Today, I start a six-month novel writing course with Urban Retreat. I’m very excited to take […]


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