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Let’s Dance

“Play it again.”A bulbous speakerpulses on the sideof your plastic-coated shower man cave.Makes the dropletswiggle and giggleas they sloppily glidedown […]

Life Through The Lens-Feb. 21st

Mr.Bump has been sharing his excellent photography each Sunday afternoon, and I highly recommend taking in his photographs and perhaps […]

#108 V-Day

Everyone knows the sacrifice and carnage of D-Day, but what about the victims of a lesser known V-Day? Every Wednesday […]

The Top 10’s

There is a nostalgia and self-reflection that naturally takes place when something comes to an end.

Mystery Blogger Award

I was pleasantly surprised to be nominated by Brett @brett_milam for A Mystery Blogger Award after enjoying his varietal blog Milam’s Musings. Starting this blog was a mystery even to myself as I originally set out to create an author’s page and ended up creating a yard sale of thoughts to run throughout the seasons.

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