Peruse these miniature tales and flashes of inspiration that may serve as beloved household trinkets with the passage of time.

Story Time #29

A blogger friend sent me this photo for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge #386, and I found it too tempting to not write. Hope this flash catches you off […]

Happy Youbirthday

Rays of light filtered through the trees revealing a hidden meadow of doors. Rodney stepped out from his hiding place to face them, although he knew their formation […]

Story Time Sunday #24

Happy Sunday! This month’s [100 Word Story] photo prompt inspired my flash. It’s an unusual point of view for me, so let me know what you think. The […]

Story time Sunday #23

Happy Sunday! This short sci-fi flash was inspired by this photo of the National Museum in London. Enjoy! Hope Has A Backbone “And overhead hangs Hope,” the cyborg […]

Story Time Sunday #22

Happy Sunday! This 100-word flash surfaced from my horror at the continued mass shootings and trying to imagine how it must feel to be a survivor of one […]

Story time Sunday #21

Happy Sunday! This is a 100-word flash. Let me know how the fantasy sits with you. Thanks for reading. “Slice it, Canto,” the knife jiggled over the melon, […]

The Expanded Truth

Each month, [100 Word Story] posts a photograph as a writing prompt. July’s photo inspired the following flash fiction. Grief is an invasive species, thought Margarite, blowing her […]

Story Time Sunday #20

Happy Sunday! Whew, I just made this story time. I will be alternating weeks this summer and featuring a new story every-other Sunday. Lawn Jockeys remain popular in […]

Story Time Sunday #19

Happy Sunday! This flash was written as a photo prompt. It had strict guidelines: a 75 word limit, and it had to include a revolutionary or a droid. […]

Story Time Sunday #18

Happy Sunday! This flash was written last year as a a photo prompt with a strict word count. I’ve added just a few touches, keeping it under 100 […]

The Venetian Debate

“We’ve gone past that same gondola stand three times.” I’m certain because against the brick are the same two unused poles that match the black prison stripes on […]

Story Time Sunday #14

Happy Sunday! Here is the flash horror story, as promised, inspired by this painting I found under the oldest trestle bridge in Europe located in Lucerne, Switzerland. There […]

Sunday Story Time #13

Happy Sunday! I had intended to post a new horror flash today, but “knowing how way leads on to way,” I wasn’t able to get that one ready […]

Story Time Sunday #12

Happy Sunday! This week’s story is written in response to Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #117. I kept conceiving this story in my head throughout the week, and I’m […]


Happy Sunday! Wait, it’s Monday. Shh, we won’t tell the story gods I didn’t post a flash yesterday. Anyways, today’s watery tale has a bit of a surprise […]

Story Time Sunday #10

Happy Sunday! This flash was written for [100 Word Story] and their monthly photo prompt. I like the challenge of writing something in just 100 words, and I […]

Story Time Sunday #9

Happy Sunday! Today’s story has an element of surprise that I hope you will enjoy. There’s just so much magic hiding in everything around us. Don’t you agree? […]


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