Peruse these miniature tales and flashes of inspiration that may serve as beloved household trinkets with the passage of time.

Special Delivery

My parents packaged my head at age five. Just left a few peep holes for my eyes and a slit for eating. It wasn’t about disguise, […]

Quadrille #122 Do Not Pass Go

Do not pass Go.Head straight to jail;roll away the days in there.Grasp cold bars instead of hands.Consider the beauty of your view.Contemplate the joy of solitude,not […]


The aftermath of a disease that spreads through water droplets was the creation of  a new species of my kind. I’m called a ReVamp, ‘cause instead […]


Everyone my age ate the yellow vitamins. We had no choice. Our parents were told if they wanted us to survive they’d give them out. Now […]

My Own Fall

We paused to pull water from our packs, 2,000 meters above the plain, the bison looked like field mice, not scurrying about but standing still, without […]

The Pipping of Spring

The hatching of spring occurs on the underside of a cloud. Months of pecking down into dew to find sustenance, all of us aerating from inside […]

It Ain’t Enough

The man without a mask bent his face towards the flame. “We hereby sentence you to burning lips as a reminder of those silenced by your […]

Divine Timbre

She’d done what the voice asked. Polished her white tennis shoes and worn them atop white socks without any markings. Tucked in the back of her […]

Sovereign Fool

He left his shoes on, determined to the let sun kiss every inch before he made his final decision. The breeze felt so much like a […]

Photo Challenge #350 His Own Kind

Mindlovemisery’s photo challenge this week was just too intriguing to pass up. For more details about this contest visit here lovely blog page. Enjoy! His Own […]

Modern Haiku

Time craves strict endings–Best let your life simmer asit will be consumed. Protect yourself fromhates harmful undercurrents;ride the changing tide. Black lives must matter;starve hatred and […]

The Colors We Made

After colors were outlawed, we rode monochrome teeter totters and learned to describe the sky using an achromatic scale. Lying side-by-side on the roundabout, we saw […]

Fandango’s Flash Fiction #100

This is my first Fandango Flash Fiction. I was impressed with the stories I read for this contest. This flash contest has no word or style […]

Just Left There to Float

They tore down Trump’s wall to build it,” my grandfather scratched his nose, white from a thick layer of zinc. He pointed at the graffiti defacing […]

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