Peruse these miniature tales and flashes of inspiration that may serve as beloved household trinkets with the passage of time.

Philomone the Gnome

Due to poor performance reports, Philomone the Gnome was assigned the worst task in the entire forest brigade: Guardian of the Fungi. 

Story Time Sunday #56

Today’s flash was written for a Fire & Ice Contest last year. I was reminded of it today as I worked to complete the final copy edits on … More

It’s Never too Late to Taco

This piece was crafted for the 100 Word Story Photo Prompt below. Let me know if I got some giggles with these 100 words. Happy Sunday!

Storytime Sunday #55

What does it take to awaken a demon? This spine-tingling flash tells the story of Djall, a fiery demon much forgotten. The story touches on adult themes, so … More

Story Time Sunday #53

Dear Readers, This week’s flash fiction story reexamines the true nature of bravery. It was inspired by a photo taken on May 25, 2022, which displays dozens of … More

Story Time Sunday #52

“Passengers, pardon the interruption, but we will need to make an emergency landing due to severe weather.”  I’m a few thousand miles from home after a four-week blitz … More

The Plunge

“It’s lopsided.” “Better?” I shift the shield over Brenda’s eyes. Adjust her metal cave. Clank on the side a few times for good measure. But no laughter returns. … More

Story Time Sunday #51

Today’s story is a bit of flash fiction inspired by this photo from April 21st of Flemish Minister-President Jan Jambon (in dark suit)  beside an installation that is … More

Story Time Sunday #50

Dear Readers, I was all set to post the silliest of flashes today and realized that this is my fiftieth story posted on Yardsale of Thoughts, and it … More

Silver Stallion to the Rescue

This is a bit of brevity penned for Fandango’s Story Starter #43 I would have happily married Darlene if it weren’t for her… Fun times. I would have … More

Story Time Sunday #7 The Hunt

Happy Easter Story Time Sunday! Today, I’m resharing a fresh Easter flash fiction that I conceived on my bike ride, and then penned this afternoon in the park. … More

Story Time Sunday #48

Dear Readers, It appears my mind has been traveling outer space this past week, perhaps in search of an escape from the day-to-day drudgery (check out my showcase … More

The Awakening

Today’s storytime is a departure from my usual far-fetched tales of fantasy and speculative fiction. This is a tragic, gritty, realistic microfiction that has nagged at me these … More

Story Time Sunday #46

Dear Readers, Today’s micro-fiction was written in response to the photo below, and well, with a strict word count, which I may have gone over slightly. I hope … More

Story Time Sunday #45

This week’s story time was inspired by a photograph of Buddhist monks attending the Makha Bucha celebrations at the Wat Dhammakaya temple in Pathum Thani province, north of … More

The Sweetest Sacrifice

This week’s story is inspired by an eerie photograph taken in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria on February 10th depicting a faithful group of Orthodox Christians lighting candles attached to jars … More

Story Time Sunday #43

I am often inspired by photography, and this week’s story was inspired by a photograph found in The Atlantic of a new form of art created by Japanese … More

Just Left There to Float

Today’s story has few words, but a lot to say. I hope you enjoy this flash-forward. I penned it last year about this time. Happy Sunday! They tore … More

Story Time Sunday #41

“Southerners don’t do well on just dry land,” Daddy said, while Mommy fanned herself faster and faster, but it made no difference, her Sunday makeup continued to melt. August heat was a wildfire.

Story Time Sunday #40

Twenty dollars and a toad, I told myself handing over the ticket and locking myself in the creaky metal tub directly below my target. That’s what I’d get … More

The Tree Man

The snow flowered overhead like cotton constellations daubing the wound of the cleared forest. Most of the trees were plucked, the trunks left behind, bones picked clean after … More

Commander of Cheer

The hat ripped off in warp drive leaving patches of barren head and scattered silvery strands. His wrapping-paper eyes still gleeful below brows scorched orbiting Kelt-9b.


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