Naked Dandelion

Naked dandelion you stripped to give birth, now society will […]

The Mislaid Sun

Borrowed pink plastic lawn seat.Loud folk music filtered over laughter.The […]

Flamingo Girl

NaPoWriMo Day 23. This poem is written for the Twisted […]

Nob Of Joy

This poem was written for late-night poets. It’s adult in […]

Web of Daylight

The grey spider dawn of daystealthily swings from the dome,sinewy, […]

Iguana Boy

Iguana Boy,climb all over me.Scratch my back with your keen […]

Fallowed Souls

Fall is yellowed,eyes like pathogens,green manure skin,recovered grins,lust the dust […]

Halloween by the Sea

Halloween by the sea–foam decomposing,fingernail seashells,a spiderweb of waves,monster horseshoe […]