This poetry of mine formed like pottery. The unexpected results of desired shape and passion’s flames are presented to you here in hopes you find the perfect one for your mind’s personal collection.

Naked Dandelion

Naked dandelion you stripped to give birth, now society will […]

The Mislaid Sun

Borrowed pink plastic lawn seat.Loud folk music filtered over laughter.The […]

Nob Of Joy

This poem was written for late-night poets. It’s adult in […]

Iguana Boy

Iguana Boy,climb all over me.Scratch my back with your keen […]

Fallowed Souls

Fall is yellowed,eyes like pathogens,green manure skin,recovered grins,lust the dust […]

Halloween by the Sea

Halloween by the sea–foam decomposing,fingernail seashells,a spiderweb of waves,monster horseshoe […]

The Night Fly

This poem was written for the Late Night Poets Radio […]

Queen Conch

Give me true love’s kiss.Climb inside my conch shellto live […]

The Sun’s a Lady

The sun sits pretty’cause she’s a lady,legs crossed,slender rays;a lady […]