I Wanna Be Free

I heard that Miss Loretta passed today. I grew up with her music, and my family on both sides grew up near where she lived. I was so happy to take my mother to see her a few summers ago. What an inspiration! To make it in country music in a time when women weren’t a part of the scene, especially women from the Appalachia. It’s nice to know tonight her spirit’s truly free. If you’re a fan, I invite you pen some brevity inspired by her life (50 words or less) or music.

Happy Tuesday!

I’m lazy.

I’ll wait for gravity.

A darkening leaf on a poplar tree.

I wanna be free,

but I’m patient for my release.

© 2022 | K.Hartless

Her life story set to music.


  1. I never got to hear her music, though I knew her name; love her ‘Coal Miner’s Daughter’ ; another good one bites the dust 😦 we seem to have lost so many this year —


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