New Music Monday–July 18, 2022

Do you know what makes Monday better? A new female power anthem by Michelle Branch. Incidentally, someone asked me recently when I was going to stop talking about gender issues, and I thought about it for a second before replying, when female qualities are no longer subordinate to male qualities. Let’s keep the conversation going, shall we? If you know any songs that address this issue add them below, please. Happy Monday!

Songshine Sounds

Michelle Branch released her first single, “I’m a Man” on her upcoming album The Trouble With Fever set to release on September 16 via Warner Records. As you may guess, this song addresses gender disparity and continues the conversation.

“I wrote the chorus of ‘I’m A Man’ long before the verses. It started as an empathetic view towards men struggling to find a new way to navigate in a post- “Me Too” world of toxic masculinity,” says Branch.

“Having a son made me think of how men are taught to be from a young age and the pressures to provide and succeed and this sort of burden to be seen as macho. But you can’t tell that story with just one side of the coin because as I was trying to paint a sympathetic view it just seemed completely minuscule and ridiculous in comparison to the struggles that women have…

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