Modern-Day Sirens: Michelle Zauner

Have you heard of Japanese Breakfast? It’s a band fronted by the modern-day siren and New York Bestselling author, Michelle Zauner. My article about her life and works went live today on Luna Station Quarterly. I would be honored if you visited the site and gave my article a read.


  1. I love Michelle’s voice as much as I love your article. Your writing is always impressive, and these Modern-Day Siren articles are my fav reads of the week, when they are published. Congrats on the pub, K, and thank you for sharing Michelle’s impressive body of work with us. 💜

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    • I’m so flattered that you look forward to these articles. I enjoy researching and writing these talented women and I’m grateful for a platform to share their words and wisdom. Yay. Thank you, Jeff. You really have my day started off in a positive path. 😊💜


  2. Great writeup, KH💛 I got to see JBrekkie and co In a room of maybe 100 people when Soft Sounds came out 5 years ago. And a few times since. She is such a joy. And the music rocks🛸✌️☀️

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  3. Wow what a wonderful story, she is something else. I love to hear a wonderful story like this. She is very talented and also a New York Best Seller, Wow, just a great story and amazingly well written piece. Thank you for the introduction.


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