Keep Her Safe

“I’m Not Mad, I’m Hurt” Henn Kim

Punctures, strangleholds

Nobody likes her angry

Won’t do what she’s told.

© 2022 | K.Hartless

A haiku for my own healing. I’m pretty mentally consumed right now by recent Supreme Court decisions, including the denial of states to tighten gun control laws, the overthrow of Roe vs. Wade, and the reopening of prayer (and other religious activity) in school. So I’ve decided to face it head-on in my writing instead of hiding from it. What’s your strategy?


    • Thank you, Jeff. I look forward to reading what you’ve penned when you feel it’s the right time to share. It’s the little things we tend to forget that can make an impact. Processing here, and trying to not feel shame and blame for being a part of the complacency that has allowed this to happen.

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      • You’re welcome, K. Always. Oh, thank you so much. I’ve been reflecting upon it, and am processing too. That is a wonderful way to write about shame, blame, and complacency, and I completely understand, and resonate with you. I also think the actions we each continue to take, whatever they are, matter, and make a difference in the world each day.

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