The First Day of Summer Vacation

    a puff of perfume 
                          a cloud
sandalwood vanilla
         and sweet daydreams

My son points, “I see a bird.” And I find his talons, 

Daughter chimes in, I see a boatl” And I find the hull, 

The games we play
                   amidst broken waves,
their fingernails grasping
                                 needful things.
Even on a beautiful day
                            there is scratching.

In the shade of pine trees
                                    a playground 
slick as apple slices
                         my red haired children 
               spread a blanket 
                                fruitful grins
          the first day of summer vacation.

© 2022 | K.Hartless


    1. Thank you, Marion. I’m sure it will. Today we took the “stead” to the library for some reading candy and then explored the forests near our home. I must say, I am super lucky that I have two sidekicks to adventure with during these months.

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