Full Moon Serenade

This was created for the Late Night Poets Ekphrastic Radio show to be aired on Saturday, May 28th. So, I usually don’t record audio, but since I can’t make this show, I decided to add a SoundCloud.

Full Moon Serenade

Full moon serenade–
a silver-plated copper face
illuminates our way.
The oars strum gently,
keep a steady pace.
Tender as a tremolo,
strings of light
meet frets of shade.
The rock of his ripple,
The swoon of her sway.

Full moon serenade–
a nylon spool threads
agate pegged night,
brighter than barn light.
My windy warbler
ferries me through slate sky.
Pluck me sweetly, love,
in this high tension heat,
Go slow, an arpeggio,
until our melodies meet.

Full moon serenade–
glassy harmonic shadows,
underwater tremolo.
Hold me close
while tongues trill.
Drift with me
till dream and
waking slur.
Till there is only we;
no him nor her.

© 2022 | K.Hartless


  1. A wonderful ode to the moon and human connection. The deepness of these connections come through in your lovely verse, oneness comes to mind. Thank you for sharing this moon serenade with us, K. 💜


    • Thank you. I actually wrote this poem for a Poetry Radio Show celebrating this particular artist. Poets could pick any of his works to write about I love it when the words arrive from nature or from spontaneous thought, but I am quite a visual person, so images are great springboards for my muse. Thank you so much for asking.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I missed reading your introduction at the top of this post – sorry K. I now realise you had already answered my question! But, yes, totally understand about images being springboards.


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