Flashback Track #65 You Better You Bet

How about you let this track get your weekend off on the right foot. You better, you better, you bet! Happy Friday, friends.

Songshine Sounds

Welcome back to Flashback Track Friday. Each week, someone on staff will present a song and out of that song an invitation. Hope you don’t mind if we mix things up a bit this week with a new sort of challenge.

This British rock band performed under the name The Detours and The High Numbers before settling in on the unmistakable name, The Who. Every hit single of the band, except for one, was written by founding member and lead guitarist, Pete Townshend.

Today’s flashback track appeared as the first song on the 1981 Face Dances album. Townsend performed the track’s unforgettable guitar solo on a Rickenbacker 360/12.

Peter Townsend wrote the song over several weeks of partying after meeting a younger woman he was dating at the time. The still-married guitarist said, “I wanted it to be a great song because the girl I wrote it for…

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  1. The Who still mattered in 1981. They were still expected to save rock and roll…haha! This album was much anticipated and universally disliked. I thought half the songs were great, including this one..😎😎😎

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