The Truth About Tinsel–Quadrille #142

The truth about tinsel:
poor man’s ice,
telltale trashbag tree,
treebangs of the 80’s
sprinkled to hide
the ugly limbs,
the dried dull-grey,
the balding spots.

Budget’s got
your branches thinned?
This hardpressed
holiday season,
if the scratchers don’t win,
just tinsel me in.

© khartless 2021, All Rights Reserved

d’Verse Poet’s PubMish is the host for Quadrille #142-Tinseltown. Quadrilles are poems of exactly 44-word and tonight they have to sparkle. Join us.


      • If it’s any comfort we had a few bamboo stems as a tree one year It was definitely lacklustre. But I have to say, our Tinsel was balder than our trees on average. (When we moved back to Australia, we had cypress pines on our property and would choose a limb from a cypress tree). As a kid, I am sure your tree bothered you and I am sorry I laughed. I think I misread it a little. It’s horrible to feel pressure to do Christmas “right’.


  1. We used to spend a of time turning the tree so that the fullest branches were out front. These das it’s the string of lights that mantle the tree. I’m happy now with a fake tree, and a spray can of pine scent.

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    • Thanks for hosting this topic and fixing my left a laugh. I have a love-hate relationship with tinsel and it was fun to roast it a bit last night. Happy holidays, Mish.


      • That was a dream of my sisters she begged our mom to have a white tree and my mom said no didn’t like it’s look. It took years for us to get a real tree too that was an epic battle there for her to capitulate with the rest of the family

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