Wisdom of a T-Ball Game

Bat in hand, helmet on head.

Come, be on deck with me.

Remember, you gotta be baseball ready.

Batter up, glove down.

Yes, you get to do the same thing over and over again;

that’s the wonderful thing about baseball.

Sam Sidders “Put me in Coach”

Always be ready for the big hits.

You wanna score, you gotta run some bases.

Never forget to take a couple of practice swings.

Master one position, play many.

Give it a good hustle.

And at the end, tap gloves and tell everybody good game.

© khartless 2021, All Rights Reserved

This fall, my son’s dream came true. He is finally playing baseball in a local t-ball league, and we are all enjoying this adorable introduction to the sport.


    • Don’t know about the game, but seen it in films. I remember that feeling as a parent , though, watching your kids when they join something longed for, something new. Lovely memories. I hope he has lots of happy times playing

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