Creases in the Charm

Woven wood flair
two-tone rattan chairs
of cafe in open air
petit le plat, grand la note,
creases in the charm.

Brown tower ballgown
sparkling night flower
metal mimi
a windy sway
creases her charm.

Underground train
avoid frequent rains
pick-pockets midday
quick fingers
crease the charm.

Galleries of glass
boulangerie brass
cobbler and antiques
treasures cher
crease the charm.

Smoky Seine
full-bodied wine
palm tree fronds
teenager’s playground
creased by the charm.

cold white heart
artists paint in pain
their poverty
creases the charm.

© khartless 2021, All Rights Reserved 


  1. Very cool!! Are you there? It seems impossible… travel, where we’re at in Australia. I have had another nostalgic morning going through old stuff and your poem seems like another layer in the strata cliffs of memory. 🙂


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