The Sacred Heart

The Sacré-Cœur is white
a bloodless three-arched portico
of a cold, cold sacred heart.
Travertine from hot springs;
the summit always
steps on everything.

The Sacred Heart is hollow
a penance of perpetual adoration,
an organ without empathy.
Devotion has no cure;
the Sacré-Cœur always
steps on everything.

This piece is inspired by Misky’s Twiglet #243. Come get a twig to build your own fire.


  1. Hobbo

    I thought Travertine was a travel sickness tablet😂! Anyway, I’m not into churches, but I can live with this one. Montmartre is my favourite region of Paris, and it has a great irish pub just down the steps from the Sacre Coeur!🙂Great writing.

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    1. K.Hartless

      Sad to miss the Irish pub, Hobbo. Will look for it next time. Montmartre is a special place. We enjoyed our walk up the many stairs to get to the church and then our wandering down the hillside, which held many gems. Many memories of Paris are still in my journal. They need space to breathe and find their flow.

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  2. Mister Bump UK

    I visited once, one of my first trips to Paris, but thereafter was happy to view from a distance. Lots of steps, I recall. But I’ve been on nights out in the Pigalle area; it still buzzes but nowhere near as much as it used to.

    I like the aliteration in your second stanza.

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      1. Mister Bump UK

        Ah, well, at least you know to find somewhere else to visit next time. I’ve visited some churches over there which have been wonderful just for their tranquility, but Sacre Coeur wasn’t one of them.

        Notre Dame, unexpectedly, was one such place, although I don’t know how bad the fire was. It still seems to function.

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