Shady Groove

Stitches made from switches,
momma said our mouths were ditches;
beatings are a blight you can’t remove
growing up inside a shady groove.

I prefer paintings to people now,
silent frames that never move;
the illusive smile of the Louvre
inspires a shady groove.

De Jackson, aka WhimsyGizmo, is host for d’Verse’s Quadrille #135. A quadrille is a 44 word poem. Join us this evening in getting into the”Groove.

Painting viewed at the Louvre July 2021; “Le Colosse de Rhodes” by Louis De Caullery


    • Thank you, Lisa. I wrote more stanzas about the shady groove, but couldn’t get away from these two, even though they’re so different. I saw so many great paintings in the Louvre in such a short time-span that I really haven’t had time to fully process them all. This is one of those paintings and poems for me.

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  1. I too feel dark undertones emanating throughout this piece. It’s interesting to pick apart the abstract and rhythm–and it’s the epitome of poetry to me. I can resonate in preferring the arts over people; observing without consequence, without the varied experiences people bring from their own ditches–as you cleverly say, mouths–that create those moments.

    Beautifully and evocatively written. ❤ ❤

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  2. From my reading….which may not be what you intended at all….there is much pain in the first stanza. Stitches could allude to treated open wounds….left from beatings by a switch. The reference to momma seems to point to a perspective she had on children….their inherent lack of good referred to by their mouths being ditches. Beatings leaving external and internal scars….internal scars that are still felt in the second stanza where there is a confession to liking the arts more than people….to me that reads as if because of this painful childhood, it’s a challenge to be in relationships and much easier to appreciate the masterpieces in the Louvre which do not speak, do not lash out, to not require any action or commitment on the viewer’s part.
    For me….this is an incredibly powerful write.

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    • So much unpacked here, Lillian. Thank you for taking the time to unroll these lines. Sometimes the only way out of a shady groove is to remember it and be understanding of when the feelings return.


  3. You said/implied a lot in a few lines (the magic of Quadrille’s 44 words). Love the rhyming words and specially this part:

    I prefer paintings to people now,
    silent frames that never move;

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    • I very much agree. I’d like to think we’ve evolved beyond rule by fear, but it seems to creep back in, especially during times of distress. I appreciate your thoughtful comments.


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