Philosophical Fireworks

Today’s Flashback Track #20 asks, What’s the biggest fire you’ve ever lit? Be sure to give the track a listen and join us in response.

For me, it’s more like a lot of small fires because of my questioning nature. I’m not comfortable with compliance or viewing leaders as parental figures who can do no wrong. With this in mind, I penned this poem filled with inflammatory statements that should spark discussion and debate. Feel free to engage me in conversation about any of the questions in this piece.

If god so loved the world,
why did he further divide it?
What caused Corona and why
do our governments hide it?

Neighbors won’t take vaccines,
but their kid’s want to swing?
Is it really freedom we hear
or a cash register ring?

Why the muffling masks
if we’ve been inoculated?
With the temperature spikes,
why’s global warming debated?

When will we regain our privacy?
Will they kill the cat to fight the fleas?
Are we afraid of evolution
or just disease?

Step into my office, Mr. President.
Why can’t a leader be fired,
after all the lies they birth
and hate they sire?

When life’s turned inside out,
is winning really learning to lose?
Figure out who’s getting blasted
‘cause I just lit the fuse.

© khartless 2021, All Rights Reserved


    1. Ah, now that’s an interesting comment, John. What is the difference between god and the devil? They are identicasl constructs surely? The only difference being that one is responsible for good, the other for bad? But isn’t that difference just semantic?

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  1. Ah, firing a leader if they do a bad job? How would you do that?

    There is a mechanism here to get rid of an MP, but it has only been around 10 years or so. To trigger it, they need to commit some crime which is on some hotlist, other MPs need to vote, then finally it triggers a by-election, in which the person is free to stand once again.

    But you can’t cet rid of them because they do a shitty job, like they would with you or I. How you’d do that is something I ponder, but we *should* be able to.

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    1. Of course, we are all more aquainted with the process of impeachment, and yet it still remains a mysterious ball that has to be untangled. As it is, perhaps the questions I should have asked is will you stand trial for all the things you’ve caused?

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      1. The issue with that is that somebody is still being got rid of because they broke a law. Even if whether they broke a law is ultimately decided by a partisan body.

        We should be able to get rid of them because they’re rubbish.

        Here, have a look at this. This is an obit of a UK politician, but written from a US perspective. The whole article is worth a read but especially the last para.

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  2. As a boy scout, I innocently lit an open fire and cooked my dinner on a peat moor. Little did I know that this can start underground fires which burst into flames on the surface. Boy, did I get a bollocking from the park ranger! 😦

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