Fibbing Friday -12th of February

I’ve been chuckling every Friday, getting to know my fellow bloggers with a fun ritual called, Fibbing Friday. As a fictionateer, I greatly enjoy a fibbing challenge. What a delight to be told, truth is simply not an option. In this challenge, the bigger and more inventive or outrageous the responses the better. If you’d like to participate, check out more details at pensitivity 101.

1. What is Jewish penicillin?

A chocolate Rugelach with cream cheese filling. I recommend two a day.

2. What is crème de menthe?

A crime committed in France that smells likes it’s been covered up with a breath mint.

3. What is meant by tit for tat?

This is when you flash someone one boob because you like their tattoo.

4. Who said ‘Hail Caesar?’

The rest of the other salads when they realized who their true ruler would be.

5. What is S O P?

Son of a Policeman! It’s rising in popularity against the standard SOB phrase.

6. What is an Evergreen?

An ancient verdant ninja of the Green family tasked with seeking out and destroying the nasty third-cousin villain called Nevergreen.

7. How many eggs can a peacock lay in its lifetime?

Well, this depends on how much tail-feather she gets in her lifetime.

8. What do trunks and boots have in common?

You pack them both on a trip to the rainforest, not sure if you’ll use the former until you gauge the color and clarity of the waters that flow there.

9. What is a boa?

A flamboyantly feathery creature that inhabits the necks of hideous animals attempting to mask their egregious facial features.

10. What is tic, tac, toe?

It’s when the tic-tac of legos and toys on the floor makes you break your toe, which never regains feeling (as one example).


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