A New 45

Needle skates a black lake of lines,a sleeveless glide with metal tip precision,my inaugural lap’s all pop and sizzle.Dizzy from … More

Winter is Awake Again

Winter is awake again,the maple skin exposed,its branches crossin secret codesresembling pentagrams,swastikas, or some otherscary symbolsonce concealedbelow green tunics,discarded now,the … More

Frost Bit

It started when we touched, a twitching, aching burn. The freezing warmth of our final embrace. I traced your image … More


Writing sprawled out on the ground,tenth week of lockdown.The museums are tombs,the streets unclogged arteriesnever drained this low before. My … More

TWT-The Physician’s Gaze

Today’s Prompt: Blank The doctor wore a crystallized chastity belt. Performing blank consultations back-to-back, his slippery affections surfaced only after … More