The Tired Diplomat

Mr. Bump and I decided to turn an old piece of art that was hanging on his bedroom wall into a new piece of art by creating some writing inspired by the painting (see below). We settled on a “homecoming” theme, and while we originally conceived a word limit, I ended up writing a poem […]


Confucian Cockscomb

This poem had a lot of heart and potential, but deserved more attention, so I decided to rework it with the help of a friend and post it again. I hope you find the message even more powerful and the lines more impactful than before. Cheers. I sat crampedcrowded among the cloudsconnecting countries,collecting highway stampslike […]


Raclette Romance

Fingers warm against my abdomena Raclette, burning and dripping sweat,and I need to melt yet, againstthe hardest parts of Greco-Roman. Bodies release like Swiss cheesescraped off you into my roundest bits,permanently pressed cheese sandwiches;the pungent smell of release. Oh, how sublime, the ancient rind,curving splendor, a fountain sipof perfectly paired white wine lips,roasting flames with […]