Traveling the past few days, skipping time zones, but this week’s Flashback Friday Track #27 asks us to tell about a walk you went on, or would like to go on. Well, this is more of a picnic in the past, but I can imagine the walk getting there. It’s inspired by Cohen as well. […]


Dive Right In

Last week’s Flashback Track Friday #26 was a sizzling summer Dirty Dancing hit and the question: What are you afraid of missing out on this summer? I was afraid to not take a chance and dive in last week, but I realize that the waters are not always warm or calm. Still, I’m always happier […]


Midsummer Issue 2021

Last Girl’s Club “Midsummer Magazine” is out today. If you need a cool dip on a hot summer night, pick up your print copy here or a digital downward here. Nestled inside is my first printed poem, “Eternal Sleeper,” resting among the other Mad Queens and their mischief. I’m so excited to get my copy […]