Ballad of the Muted

Up the steep stairspainted white by former slaves,you twist the handleas if breaking off grapes.You ask, “What day is it?”but their faces are graves,whiteness a tombstoneamidst forgotten prayers. Because something is buried here,but you don’t know what it is.Do you, Mr. Smith? You look for a chairto rest your wounded knee,the overgrown trailfull of feathers […]


Healing Waters

Yesterday evening, I reached 50,000 words in my novel, Fascination. It’s a dystopian book about mental illness and how society will handle mental illness in the future. If you’re interested in finding out more about the book, please be sure to read my original post here. “Healing Waters” is a poem that I wrote last […]


Mother Of Serve Ware

Mother of serve ware,matriarch to our mouths,why are you neglected?Repeatedly unselected?Banished from backyard barbecues,daily table settings,and afternoon picnics?Why is your roundness rejected? Is it because you cannotstab or slice?You cradle instead of castrate;ladle and enticeinstead of twist and gyrate. Do we so soon forgetour move from breastto sucking on your surface?The way you lovingly mixmushy […]