Your Faithful Float

Forever your faithful floatflaking against your fresh coat,serving a daily purpose, butisolation makes me nervous,half-submerged in salty sea.All the nets you cast with me,the way I bobbed and weavedornery waves waiting to be retrieved,only to be slung with so many more–a buoy has no purpose on the shore. Colors draineddried and hangedmy knots all looseeach […]


In the Springtime

In the springtime,did I hold too tight?Wrapping the shadows of your feet.Foraging towards your forbidden heights.Struggling to growin the crevices of you.Bending ancient thoughtsbeneath ever-changing skin. I am only inchingin your sunlight.Clinging during downpours,a sapling,delicate and flat against you.Always twining you to me,interlacing my tenuous gripwith your sturdy confidence. For you,tomorrow will exist.It’s my brevity […]