The Judas Tree

Through the window, I peek and pretenddangling snowflakes are Dogwood petalsfrom the sturdy tree in my old front yard,drifting to rest peacefully in an empty bed. But instead, I find hard-headed haillanding, white ants sprawling everywherein a shameful winter temper tantrum.Widowed clouds pass, hanging their heads. Alas, I cover my mouth in regret to seethe […]


Only A Fool

Call me a fool– an insecure idiot, day-dreaming dunce, bold buffoon, walkie-talkie loon, a horny half-wit. Just another needy nincompoop, deluded dullard dancing under moon, irritating imbecile, creative creatine wallpapering my cell, sultry simpleton without a veil. Hey, crazy clod, confounded cretin–rather odd, drifting dope—lucky penny a needy ninny, pig of guinea an infatuated ignoramus. […]