Your Faithful Float

Forever your faithful floatflaking against your fresh coat,serving a daily purpose, butisolation makes me nervous,half-submerged in salty sea.All the nets you cast with me,the way I bobbed and weavedornery waves waiting to be retrieved,only to be slung with so many more–a buoy has no purpose on the shore. Colors draineddried and hangedmy knots all looseeach […]


Dear Celestine

Dear Celestine, Cliffside like half-sheared sheep,clouds that diffuse when steeped,steaming out the sky as snow, white-outretracting your mountainous glow. Oh Celestine, The whole hillsides been bourgeoisied,a golf course of putting greens,your lake an evaporating puddle,a watering hole for the overpowering junglebarely reflecting back peaks and sky,the unseen picture frames of our lives;the wrapping paper of […]