Harvest Moon

Harvest moon Ripe for the picking Bleeds though cotton field clouds I pull the fluffy lint of the year Try … More

Humid Haiku

June’s regular heat wave has been amplified by both infuriating current events and my personal heated conflicts. I think this … More

As Do I

This is a Late Night Poet Art of Seduction write for a rainy Friday. I wade into her watery hairnude, … More

The Finest Threads

I. Sunlight sneaksits bobbins throughthe deciduous trees.Stitches needlelace acrossthe open neck of the lake.Willing waters,ready to please,ready to partake.

A Sulky Sleep

Grumpy skies,cranky flat cloudforms my pillow;tucked to one side.Thunder grumblesas letdown lightning strikes. Pitter-patter,pins and needles,my sullenness pours.Gurgling gutter,I’m pulled … More