A Sulky Sleep

Grumpy skies,cranky flat cloudforms my pillow;tucked to one side.Thunder grumblesas letdown lightning strikes. Pitter-patter,pins and needles,my sullenness pours.Gurgling gutter,I’m pulled … More

Sunset Eyes

He looks at me with sunset eyes,tree veins branched from lack of quiet,and the early death of daygoes unnoticed bythe … More

Spring-Heeled Laughs

The giddy woodpeckerreturns to his carpentry,a joker punching linesin backyard trees,and the neighbor’s rearviewwindow’s tinted green,hungover from last night’sshamrock drowning. … More

Cesarean Sky

Wintery clouds,cumulus white coats crowd,try to turn him roundbut he returns to mediate,a floating cross-legg’d saint.


Her beauty makes the mountains blush, the clouds carve a heart to offer her as tribute when the tuxedoed evening … More