A Lifetime of Incompleting

Sisyphus is no completist,rolling his huge boulderup a steep incline for all time. He was an excellent opportunist,entangling with his enemy’s progenylying in the weeds to sow bad seeds. Sisyphus was undoubtedly devious,killing off his house guests withiron fists before their nightly rests. Sisyphus was mighty mischievous,selling the roving river’s secret.Sentence explained, Death left chained. […]


Story Time Sunday #3

Happy Story Time Sunday! Today, I’m delighted to share a flash story called, “A True Definition of Love.” I’m very inspired by art, and I wrote this piece from the artwork you will see mid-story. All feedback is most welcome. Enjoy! Right after you snapped this shot, I made the decision to grow old. This […]