Green, Green Grass

Songshine’s WWYT #6 asks us to share a song that we heard from our grandparents. I learned many, many songs from my grandparents, but I sing this particular song to my daughter in the evenings now, subbing in her name. I remember my grandmother playing and singing this song many times. Picking blackberries and working […]


School Days

This week’s WWYT #5 asks everyone to share a song that they associate with their school days. For me, it has to be Tori Amos’ “Crucify Yourself.” In the 7th grade, my best friend Cena put “Little Earthquakes”on during our first sleepover. Hearing her album was like finding a musical best friend. Since, I’ve shared […]



Waterfalls are story webs, wisps of silvery thread spinning the yarn of generational streams, resifted through the earth’s eroding palms. Be sure to check out my other recent waterfall poem: After-Hours Avalanche Seerenbach Falls, Switzerland, photo courtesy of Photography 314. This piece was prepared for Bulbul’s Twenty Word Tuesday Challenge Week #33. Join us!