Fairytale Love

A dear friend of mine, Christina Howell, published a creative nonfiction article recently entitled True Love, Fairy Tales, and George … More

As Do I

This is a Late Night Poet Art of Seduction write for a rainy Friday. I wade into her watery hairnude, … More

Every Time

Every time you smilean unfolded love letter,black familiar curvesin combination treasured. I never tire of readingyour body languagea ravine, a … More

Tis of Me

Time to take out the creativity kit
channel Betsy Ross and try to stitch
a new flag of unity
from the chiaroscuro scrapes
of tunnel-visioned division,
the bias binding of a social disease

Frost Bit

It started when we touched, a twitching, aching burn. The freezing warmth of our final embrace. I traced your image … More

TWT-How the Heart Burns

Today’s Prompt: Heart “Lemme teach you ‘bout love.” Grandpa scissored.  “Love’s diarrhea. It’s unexpected, unstoppable and unclean.”  That VDay, I … More

This Old House

Our love grows oldand will be condemned soon.Cracked glasstinkling underfootlike a forgotten toast.Creaking timbertaken slowly byignoring all theinvisible infestations. Ripped, … More


Oh, to be your highway,stretching and connecting you.I’d memorize your signs,plan the stops, open my lanes,sleep to the rhythmof rush … More