Late Night Poets

Confucian Cockscomb

This poem had a lot of heart and potential, but deserved more attention, so I decided to rework it with the help of a friend and post it again. I hope you find the message even more powerful and the lines more impactful than before. Cheers. I sat crampedcrowded among the cloudsconnecting countries,collecting highway stampslike […]


The Bleakest Bordeaux

This poem is written for the Late Night Poets June 25th Into the Darkness Radio Show. This is an adult show, so be forewarned this poem contains adult themes.They will be recreating an old horror radio show-style atmosphere, so I recorded the poem. My first voice recording, so I thought I’d repost this so you […]


Pick Your Poison

Fireweed When you learned that nectarmeant eternal life,you ripped out all the rootsfrom our flower bed,mutilated as muchfloral tissueas you could fondle,giddy from sugary drips. Oh, you’re a realperverted pollinator.Seizing firm, floral cups.Brushing yourself againstmoist, reproductive organs.Self-righteous sucrose addict,guilty glucose glutton,phytochemical freak. What sap makes men immortal?Your dirt-stained fingersglide down my ultraviolethidden honeyguidesin search of […]