Pure Haiku Publication

I am overjoyed that Pure Haiku selected one of my haiku poems to publish for their spring theme: unfurling. Here are my other poem’s (not selected) but inspired by the seasonal print. Be sure to read my published poem at this link. Happy spring! Spring’s Unfurling Haiku


A Modern Hive of Haiku-February

The highway don’t rest;hums a trail of whang and screechI hike through to sleep. Demolition me!Some days are sledgehammers; let’scrush a cup of wine! Expect more, ask less,see what wisdom life brings you;stick out your grand chest. Park trees hold hung hands,enjoying the clingy snow’smoistness, most cherished. Rekindle romance,flickering flames, new nicknames;wicked, witty dance. Squeeze […]


Modern Haiku #1

A Recent Rash of Haiku In a tub of fogthe light shrivels and hope shrinks;Plato pulls the plug. Time craves strict endings–Best let your life simmer asit will be consumed. Protect yourself fromhates harmful undercurrents;ride the changing tide. Black lives must matter;starve hatred and prejudiceto achieve King’s dream. The past is snakeskin;slough the parasites that […]