Seek Dewdrops Here

A drop of sweat finds its way down my back, and I am numb to the way it navigates the scaly mountain range of my spine before pooling in the cool indentation below. There are more pearls waiting their turn to slide, and they flitter like sprites on the fence of my brow, guarding the […]


Granny’s Nightcap

Cobblestones rise up from Walensee past the cottages of Quinten, a place no tires have tread. Hidden in the hillside, a cellar with homemade delights, Quintensaft, pickled plums, and fresh wildflower honey, just leave your francs in the bin. A ways uphill, a small stand with saffron soap and lavender salts perch beside a mason […]


Almighty Aviator

Crystal sea of glass;throne of the creator isan eagle in flight. He sees from greater heights. A span of centuries supported on strong legs. The ultra-violet lighthouse of flesh, calling out to be shred by a keratin katana of a beak. He is the hungry hunter amidst scampering strays. Find him a loyal mate, if […]