It’s Your Call

Flashback Track Friday #19 If you could call anyone, past, present or future, who would it be? Make believe that there’s a line,I’ve crossed it now a thousand times.It’s buried deep underground;it rings, Hello, Hiya,and then just sound.It’s been forever,just three days;a trinity of timeto love-struck slavesmanning the oarsagainst wedded waves.There’s chit-chat,hours sail into days.The […]


The Longevity Of Optimism

Yellow sunflowersan offering of friendshipof sunshinewillful andunwilling to wiltdespite the centuriesof suffering and shame. Do we create the artwe want for ourselves?The ideal.Or do we create how we feel?Is it possible to separate the two? Growing yellow willow vinesare enchanting, butthey will eventually branchobscuring our entire view.But for now, Van Gogh’s dreamof a beautiful townhonest […]