A Big God

Friday Flashback # 55 features Joan Osburne’s track ‘One of Us” and asks us to ponder what one question would … More


Her beauty makes the mountains blush, the clouds carve a heart to offer her as tribute when the tuxedoed evening … More

A Campfire Curse

Camping cursea cherry-glazed donutfire pitspews sour lavaamongst itchy chits. Remember,Satan is circular.Branches brownedform a bowtie blaze;his glow gathers us ‘round.

Dive Right In

Last week’s Flashback Track Friday #26 was a sizzling summer Dirty Dancing hit and the question: What are you afraid … More

Eye Candy

This poem was inspired from this week’s FBTF #24 Breakaway. The challenge to craft some piece of art involving the … More