Life Through The Lens-Feb. 21st

Mr.Bump has been sharing his excellent photography each Sunday afternoon, and I highly recommend taking in his photographs and perhaps joining in by sharing some of your own. Today’s post can be found here. I’m always taking shots on my adventures, although not with as much mastery. Neuschwanstein Castle is called a romantic eclectic, such […]


Root People

Roots Rising ‘Twas a rebellion rooted in sedimentmonths of tubering under soil.Maturation their only impediment,sharing messages through filaments. After months of vegetative repose,the uprising soon t’would break ground.The Celledrake sensed a grassy noseready to battle the fruits he opposed. Sweet Podrake let out a battle cry,sprawled in curvy, appealing pose,“I’m just as sweet as cranberry!”making […]