In The Sea

Playing in the peeling waves,young knaves,garlands from the maypolerippling round their heads,the freshest flowers of springbobbing up and downin the … More

Spring Tease

Spring tease,she takes out her feathery bloomswisps them across our nosesand we’re dancing to her tune,taking off our pants before … More

The Bad News

My fingers black and blue,flipping pages, scanning sections,trying to hide these…corrections. Hearting your headlines,rereading a line, chuckling time,is flirting with … More

Let’s Dance

“Play it again.”A bulbous speakerpulses on the sideof your plastic-coated shower man cave.Makes the dropletswiggle and giggleas they sloppily glidedown … More

The Point

You wore jeansinto the stream.Didn’t matter,we were both wet,hiking in flipflopsup scarped inclinesto snuggle black rock.Snakes before they shed,you always … More


Oh, to be your highway,stretching and connecting you.I’d memorize your signs,plan the stops, open my lanes,sleep to the rhythmof rush … More