Brevity~Miniature creations that may mature in time.

A Sulky Sleep

Grumpy skies,cranky flat cloudforms my pillow;tucked to one side.Thunder grumblesas letdown lightning strikes. Pitter-patter,pins and needles,my sullenness pours.Gurgling gutter,I’m pulled underan … More

Cosmic Grooming

A late-night petite pen request on this busy Tuesday. 15-25 words divined from the painting “Higher Self” by Spooky Girl. If … More

A Strong Specimen

A little brevity to take us through Thursday. A petite pen request. 30 words or less to Ron Hick’s painting, ‘Impulsive.’ … More

Stories Written In Chalk

Draw a box,hopscotch,tippy toes,count and hop.This spring,my son’s Titanic sinksin the concrete sea.Impressionistic flowers,daughter’s rainbow fingersarch with belief.I raise my eyes … More

High Winds, Haiku

I don’t know about you, friend, but March has been a windswept month for me. These petite poems represent a few … More


A bit of brevity for the midweek slump. This is a petite pen request for this -before service image. Write 15-20 … More

Copper Kettle Tree

Copper kettle tree, this morning it’s whistling through shower window fogged with lusty steam–– the morning is exfoliating, I’ll take my … More

Sunset Eyes

He looks at me with sunset eyes,tree veins branched from lack of quiet,and the early death of daygoes unnoticed bythe white … More

After Midnight

An impulse write as I realized that I hadn’t responded to last week’s Flashback Track Friday #61 that asks what you’ve … More


No answers come when I reflect, that all are saved and all are wrecked and faith requires genuflect. No answers come … More

Spring-Heeled Laughs

The giddy woodpeckerreturns to his carpentry,a joker punching linesin backyard trees,and the neighbor’s rearviewwindow’s tinted green,hungover from last night’sshamrock drowning. I … More