The Baltic Waltz

Lean back in a beach basket,take a sip of champagne sea,foam tickling,rolls of white waves join handsbefore bowing to brown … More

Misfit Saturday

Last spring, I was biking to Feringasee through fields of rapeseed and wrote a poem. Scribbled it down quickly at … More

La Belle Époque

Cafe Parisienne,gilted fixtures gleam,tired tilt, tabletop crash.Nom de dieu! Broken glass.A glimpse of baguette thighs,smoke-filled Chablis eyes.Hold me for the … More

Nob Of Joy

This poem was written for late-night poets. It’s adult in nature, but has a pearl of wisdom that I think … More

Trash Truth

Black bags triple tieda mountainside of mistakesstretch-marked sidespuddles of toxic probitypoked free from last night’s leaksrot smell lingers for weekssomeone’s … More

Eye Candy

This poem was inspired from this week’s FBTF #24 Breakaway. The challenge to craft some piece of art involving the … More