Bulldozers remodel neighbor’s home, fallen timbers unforgiven. Pot-bellied men pin and tuck saggy bits, resurfacing structure. Gaudy new facade exposes more faults than it conceals. Happy NaPoWriMo Day20. Today’s prompt is to write a new poem form for me called a Sijo. This is a traditional Korean poetic form. Like the haiku, it has three […]



I went from white womb to buttery rectangular living. A corn-colored carpet, below a honey countertop, with a cut glass ashtray like a hive, my mother’s flaxen fingernails tap, taps, tapping her smoke rising, garland around our Christmas tree. The multi-color lights blink, blinks, blinking behind tingly tinsel. Quiet evenings, my sister pull, pulls, pulling […]


A Modern Hive of Haiku-February

The highway don’t rest;hums a trail of whang and screechI hike through to sleep. Demolition me!Some days are sledgehammers; let’scrush a cup of wine! Expect more, ask less,see what wisdom life brings you;stick out your grand chest. Park trees hold hung hands,enjoying the clingy snow’smoistness, most cherished. Rekindle romance,flickering flames, new nicknames;wicked, witty dance. Squeeze […]