Starry Crown

I am so pleased to share that poem “Starry Crown” was published today on Whispers & Echoes, an online journal celebrating short … More

Black Myself

I’m so pleased to see my third Modern-Day Sirens article published yesterday. It’s about a tremendous new female artist, Amythyst … More

Share the Covers

Flashback Track #67 asks us to share our feelings on covers, and I’m not talking about the bedroom kind, although … More

On The 7th Day

April has been full of surprises, but oh so exhausting. And now, dear readers, it is time for my muse … More

Sunset Eyes

He looks at me with sunset eyes,tree veins branched from lack of quiet,and the early death of daygoes unnoticed bythe … More

Horror Short

Want to hear something shocking? A breakdown of genres reveals striking gender gaps; men publish 83% of horror novels; in … More

A Big God

Friday Flashback # 55 features Joan Osburne’s track ‘One of Us” and asks us to ponder what one question would … More

Cannot Change

I didn’t mean tolow road,gravel cloudsblurringsmoke clouds,swirlingto Free Bird.Skin sweating,wanting,vinyl,reclining seats.We were lostinsidea guitar riff,ending beforethingscould ever bethe same. © khartless 2021, … More