Tombstones & Ice Cream Cones

Biking to the open market,slushy flakes evaporateas soon as they touch down.My pedals squeakpast ice cream conessold beside tombstones.What endless varietyavailable in each!We delight in the flavorof our coldstone treats. Tombstonesand ice cream cones,booming early spring.Handcrafted curvaturesgranite gelatos,all the distinct shadesof stele sorbets;pillars of relief,sold as solid,sugary grief. Tombstonesand ice cream cones;what a motif!Moments of […]


Bowie, You Got It!

This flash fiction piece was prepared for the Friday Flashback Track #5 “It” Factor. Join in the fun by writing about a person or thing that embodies the “It” factor for you. This Little Slice I knew I’d been possessed by David Bowie when I put on the silk-ruffled blouse and Jareth riding boots hidden […]