Baubles~Poems picked up while pedaling

Sunset Eyes

He looks at me with sunset eyes,tree veins branched from lack of quiet,and the early death of daygoes unnoticed bythe … More

Inaugural Cycle

The weather was gracious to us this past weekend, so I took my two small children out on our inaugural … More

Munich’s Summer Garden Party

Mingle in Munich’s summer garden party,tic-tac-toe moss grows on buildingsawaiting expats and oh ja’s,blue caterpillar bussesextend and shrink throughcroquet gates … More

Story Time Sunday #16

Happy Sunday! This week’s 100 word micro-fiction was inspired by the photo prompt from 100 word story. At the end … More

Story Time Sunday #12

Happy Sunday! This week’s story is written in response to Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #117. I kept conceiving this story … More

A Birthday Bike Ride

A birthday bike ride,blue balloon bopping around.Five years old, so he can’t readthe ‘Happy Birthday’ upside down.

Story Time Sunday #5

Happy Story Time Sunday! Today, I’m sharing a flash fiction that is dear to me and serves as prelude for … More

Tombstones & Ice Cream Cones

Biking to the open market,slushy flakes evaporateas soon as they touch down.My pedals squeakpast ice cream conessold beside tombstones.What endless … More

Biking to the Beauty Parlor

Biking to the beauty parlor,early morning dewglossing grassy tips.Dodging dirty masks,McDonald’s foam cups,and crumpled colorless napkinslittered like lesions along the … More

Misfit Saturday

Pedaling through punk rockfields, neon yellow streaks,the spike of several weeks.Empty overpass rebellions.Concrete cracks and loud wifi towers.Whiskey bottles and … More

So You Won’t Forget

Biking through the snow’s tearsbetraying this place’s years,weeping in the sidewalk cracks,but age ain’t always wisdom,lest we forget. The man … More

Bridge at Remagen

Pine trees make short pathwaysin the shadow of midday, asI pedal sedately pastcared for courtyards,the cultivation of others,and the remains … More