K.Hartless is a persistent poet and eclectic fiction writer who enjoys penning fantasy, science-fiction, and horror. She’s been recently published in The Last Girls Club, Paragraph Planet, Pure Haiku and Spillwords. Her blog, Yardsale of Thoughts, blends poetry, music, art and brevity to create new experiences for readers.

Mystery Blogger Award

I was pleasantly surprised to be nominated by Brett @brett_milam for A Mystery Blogger Award after enjoying his varietal blog Milam’s Musings. Starting this blog was a mystery even to myself as I originally set out to create an author’s page and ended up creating a yard sale of thoughts to run throughout the seasons.


Poetry Thrives

Poetry thrives in the ache behind my eyes
after a day of sweeping,
weeping at the rhythm of each new song on the playlist.
Poetry bathes in the brassy bubbles of a concert hall,
eating up alto voices, healthy and raw;
Sporadic, unexplained static–
Poetry is trusting a feeling and betting it all.