K.Hartless is a persistent poet and eclectic fiction writer who enjoys penning fantasy, science-fiction, and horror as well as the occasional memoir. She’s been recently published in Edge of Humanity Magazine, The Last Girls Club, Paragraph Planet, Pure Haiku, and Spillwords. Her blog, Yardsale of Thoughts, blends fiction, poetry, music, and art to create new experiences for readers.

The Medicine Man

As a child, I wanted nothing more than to become an Environmental Scientist and save the planet. For that reason, I watched the movie Medicine Man over and over again, imagining myself swinging through the rainforest in search of a cure to cancer that would save thousands of lives. The score of this film written […]


This Christmas

This Christmas packages pile up faster than good feelings, bows in plastic smothered rows. And Santa better sanitize– no more old-fashioned whispering, gloved hands, or casual lap dancing. December skies look dyed, taboo see-through clouds, but I wear the same old constellation gown, plus what I want’s the same, winds turn wisdom inside out rip […]