K.Hartless is a persistent poet and eclectic fiction writer who enjoys fantasy, science-fiction, and horror. She’s been recently published in The Last Girls Club, Paragraph Planet, Pure Haiku and Spillwords. Her blog, Yardsale of Thoughts, blends poetry, music, art and brevity to create new experiences for readers.

WWYT #1 I Won’t Do That

Originally posted on Songshine Sounds:
Now that live music is resuming across the globe, we thought we’d mix things up a bit by presenting Where Were You Tuesdays? Each Tuesday, we will present a song linked to a special memory, and invite you to also share where you were when you heard this song play.…


Dive Right In

Last week’s Flashback Track Friday #26 was a sizzling summer Dirty Dancing hit and the question: What are you afraid of missing out on this summer? I was afraid to not take a chance and dive in last week, but I realize that the waters are not always warm or calm. Still, I’m always happier […]


The Expanded Truth

Each month, [100 Word Story] posts a photograph as a writing prompt. July’s photo inspired the following flash fiction. Grief is an invasive species, thought Margarite, blowing her nose onto a hand-embroidered handkerchief. They just don’t make things with care anymore. Years of trying to understand her namesake’s death led her to an abandoned graveyard […]


The Abyss-Poetry Battle Friday

Every Friday on Twitter there’s a Poetry Battle going down. Last Friday, the topic was “Abyss,” and I was stunned my tweet was chosen as the winner. I’ve linked my winning entry below. This week, the topic is “love.” You can join in on twitter by searching the hashtag #PBF, and adding your response below […]


Trash Truth

Black bags triple tieda mountainside of mistakesstretch-marked sidespuddles of toxic probitypoked free from last night’s leaksrot smell lingers for weekssomeone’s cruel ideaof discreet. 


Eye Candy

This poem was inspired from this week’s FBTF #24 Breakaway. The challenge to craft some piece of art involving the names of popular candy. Join us. You arms, my Lucky Charms,Everlasting Gobstopper eyes,colorful layered surprises,Twinkie of a winkie,sweet all-day Snickersthat tingle my knickers.