Over the Falls

This poem was penned for the Art of Seduction Radio Show centered on the following quote:

“Let’s disappear into each other.  I want to get lost in you, steal each one of the breaths you lose while you , explore every corner of my mind.” Onur Taskiran

Happy Friday!

Please read at your own discretion.

Surfer Girl Antonia Sanker

Over the Falls

Slide on top my wakeboard
as it heads towards the bay,
ripples over nipples,
a neoprene charade.

You should take advantage
of my rising tide,
get your hands ready to
reel yourself a rare
one-night ride.

Your hourglass figure
says the sand's sinking fast.
You can't catch a big one
if you don't even cast.

Cocktail hour's over, baby,
the bubbly conversation’s gone flat.
Climb aboard the sailboat
if you want to see the mast.

I promise an adventure.
Let's make every swell last.

Join me somewhere
over the farthest dune
let's lose control,
our minds marooned.

Fling caution to the wind,
let's make the biggest splash,
and flood our bodies beaches
before the moment's passed.

©2023 | K. Hartless

The Hazards of Love is a rock opera, with all songs contributing to a unified narrative. I love this particular track, but the entire album is a thrilling listen.


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