The Duration of Daylight

Today’s petite pen was inspired by a brevity contest on If this fall stroll inspires you, please join me in penning your own short verse, 35 words or less, to this image. You can share your words below, or if you post to your own website, please be sure to ping it back here for all to enjoy.

Happy Wednesday!

Orchestra of fallen leaves,
a walk in woods,
piano keys,
and flat and sharp
autumnal breeze.
squirrels and swirls,
my harvested imaginings,
as I conduct the season’s
spontaneous symphony
for the duration
of daylight.

©2023 | K. Hartless

These lovely dancing leaves, finally free.


  1. This poem BEGS to be read out loud. It’s got such a beautiful rhythm. As it’s currently 90 degrees outside with a very white sun, this autumnal image feels like a wistful heaven.

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