My journal on water

It was lovely to see my young creative writers today as we had some fun with the elements.

Inspired by our journaling, I thought it might be great to share a poem inspired by today’s creative writing activity and perhaps carry on with all four elements. If you’re inspired to share some words of your own, please ping the post back here for all to enjoy.

Here’s how it goes:

  1. Choose an element.
  2. Put the element in unlikely places (list).
  3. Have the element act in unexpected ways (list).
  4. Then, blend your favorite images from both above lists to create a work of fiction or poetry.

Happy Tuesday!

Codchanaree : Water elemental woman by Salahwarin Jaijuntuck

The Water in my Wigwam

The water in my wigwam
as it misbehaved,
flickered past the hide
my husband flayed
on my 21st birthday–
the year a woman
learns the wigwam
she maintains
is to be her early grave.

The water gloated
by the entryway,
ignored me
for I was but a
dehydrated slave,
a prune in the
steam of a venison stew,
dried grass beds
needing to be
refreshed, but
instead, I
floated through
the smoke hole
to escape an early grave.

The water giggled
because it knew
I’d never fit through
even as my saliva joined
its transitory pool.

©2023 | K. Hartless



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