Story Time Sunday #63

Dear Readers, It’s been too long since I’ve shared a story on Sunday, so I thought I’d start small and share this recent 100-word Drabble written to the photo prompt on 100 Word Story. It comes at the cusp of testing season here, and I wonder if any of my readers can relate?

Happy Sunday!

Option C

I made it to number thirty before guessing.

They say C is the safest answer, if you have no idea. I look over the lineup of usual suspects: A sure looks suspicious. I glance at the scantron. B is sorely misrepresented. And, let’s not forget D, that bad boy.

Resolved, my pencil goes in for a landing, but at touch down, the lead snaps.

Should I sharpen? Try to pop the lead back in and soldier on?

With such little time, I go with the third option: grip the graphite and scratch in the remaining C’s before the time’s up.

©2023 | K. Hartless


  1. I’ve read this before and thought about it; a Drabble like a haiku is a limiting form, it doesn’t allow much room for character or dialogue though you do a pretty good job with snippy internal monlogues which give the piece character; no oil change required 🙂 btw the website ‘The Drabble’ seems to have been discontinued 😦

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